What is Coffee?

  • What does the inside of a Coffee Cherry Look like?

    There are several layers of a ripe coffee cherry •Outer Skin: outer red layer •Mucilage or Pulp: sweet pulpy substance •Parchment: paper-like protective membrane •Silverskin: thin silvery colored membrane •Beans: two beans facing each other with 2 flat sides
  • What is a Coffee Bean?

    Coffee beans are not ACTUALLY beans at all but rather the seeds of berries that grow on trees. There are usually 2 seeds or beans per cherry. Occasionally, the fruit contains only one round bean called a Peaberry.  About 10% of a trees production will be Peaberries.
  • What is a Peaberry?

    A Peaberry is typically considered a defect. It occurs when a coffee cherry only contains one seed (bean). Although a Peaberry is typically considered a defect, occurring in about 10% of coffee cherries. Peaberries tend to be smaller, denser and sweeter than a typical coffee seen(bean). This is...