Can I be an Influencer?

We are currently only working with influencers on a gifted product only basis. In exchange for free product, we ask you to read below to see if you would be a good fit.

We do work with an influencer company on some bigger promotions so if you are interesting in applying to influence for us and other brands on a larger scale, feel free to check out

Coffee Beanery Influencers:
- love flavored coffee
-will make a post/story/reel for Instagram showing Coffee Beanery products in a positive manner -post in a timely fashion, especially when receiving the coffee of the month box* (for the box, we ask that posts are made within 1 week of receiving)
-do not tag other competitors of Coffee Beanery in the post (like other coffee companies, ie Starbucks) -tag us in the post so we can repost

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